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Google Fiber

Client: Google Fiber
Design: Conrad McLeod & Aly Tain

Selected storyboard and style frame exploration for Google Fiber bumps.

There were two concepts, one featuring an abstracted cross-section of a fiber optic cable and the other a playful representation of data traveling through tubes.

NatGeo: Brain Games Season 4

Client: NatGeo – Brain Games
Agency: AnimalVFX
Director: Samm Hodges
Design: Conrad McLeod

Selected style frames designed for season 4 of National Geographic's reality television series Brain Games.

Starbucks App for iPhone

Client: Starbucks
Producer: Nick Castillo
Director: Adam Patch
Writer: Schuyler Pappas
Motion Designers: Adam Glickfield, Adam Avilla
Design: Conrad McLeod

Character and style exploration for Starbucks' iPhone App launch video.

The final design and animation of the video was done by a great little shop called VeryTrueStory and can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlQDttTWM6o


Animography: Franchise Animated

Motion Design: Conrad McLeod

This is my contribution to Animography's Franchise Animated Project! 

It was a collaborative project organized by Jeroen Krielaars of Calango.nl, in which over a hundred animators around the world animated a glyph of the font Franchise (designed by Derek Weathersbee).

Learn more about the project and view the other submissions here:


Client: Nickelodeon
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners
Creative Director: Brady Baltezore
Design: Conrad McLeod

Some gooey tags for Nickelodeon.

Starbucks & Twitter

Client: Starbucks & Twitter
Director: Adam Patch
Design: Conrad McLeod @ Oddfellows
Animation: VeryTrueStory

Design for Starbucks and Twitter's "Tweet-A-Coffee" service, where you can link your Twitter and Starbucks accounts and easily buy a coffee for someone special.

Google Tango

Client: Google Tango
Agency: Autofuss
Design: Conrad McLeod
Production: Oddfellows

3D renders of the Tango, Google's new tablet on steroids. Created visuals for Google I/O 2014 and a narrative piece for Google ATAP. 

The narrative can be viewed here:

Wired: What's Inside

Client: Wired Magazine
Director: Adam Patch
Design: Conrad McLeod

Style frames designed for Wired Magazine's web series called "What's Inside."

Google Nexus 5


Client: Google Nexus 5
Agency: Autofuss
Texture & Lighting: Conrad McLeod

3D renders for the release of Google's Nexus 5.

NickJr & NickMom

Client: NickJr & NickMom
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners
Creative Director: Mike Landry
Design: Conrad McLeod

At 10pm, NickJr becomes NickMom.

Yule Log 2.0

Animation & Design: Conrad McLeod

Here's my contribution to Yule Log 2.0!

Yule Log 2.0 is a project curated by Daniel Savage and built by Wondersauce.

Learn more about the project and view the other submissions here:

and here:

And the case study:

American Express: Bluebird

Client: Bluebird by American Express
Studio: Lifelong Friendship Society
Design: Conrad McLeod

Pitch frames for Bluebird by American Express.

PayPal: Purchasing Online

Client: PayPal
Producer: TJ Kearney
Director: Adam Patch
Creative Director: John Hellweg
Illustrator: Justin Mezzell
Motion Designers: Timothy Palmer, Conrad McLeod, Adam Patch

To coincide with PayPal's 2012 rebrand, we created three explainer videos. This is a director's cut of one of them.

Sony: Evolution of Playstation

Client: Sony Playstation
Creative Director: Blake Robertson
Design: Conrad McLeod
Animation: Internal at Playstation

Preceding the release of the Playstation 4, I was commissioned by Blake Robertson to design a graphics package for a series of retrospective videos that chronicle the evolution of the Playstation console.  These were released consecutively, day by day, right up until the big reveal. 

There were two environmental directions, each incorporating mortises that would allow for transitions between 16:9 and 4:3 footage. 

Watch the series here:

Google Drive

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners
Creative Director: Mike Landry
Producer: Carley Ridgeway
Art Director: Susan Land
Design: Chris Kelly, Conrad McLeod
Animation: Chris Kelly, Dean Foster, Dennis Wilkins, Chris Carmichael

While at GSP, I helped design Google Drive's launch video. The original has over 18 million views and over 4 thousand dislikes.

It can be viewed here: 

MTV: The Seven

Client: MTV - The Seven
Studio: Gunshop.tv
Design: Conrad McLeod

Pitch frames for MTV's show "The Seven" c. 2010?